Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Daniel Keys Workshop - Day 3

still life by Daniel Keys

Today began with Daniel continuing yesterday's demo. I included a detail shot of some perfect palette knife work on some of the yellow leaves. The placement, shapes and clear color made them jump right off the canvas. He worked with concentration and care, but continued to answer questions and talk about some of his planning process as he worked.

Here are a few take-aways  from the day:

  1. Use more paint in working with the building up process. ("Mr. Richard says don't worry about using too much paint, they are not going to stop making it!" ...talking about Richard Schmid)
  2. Keep your brushes very clean by using a BIG jar of OMS, rinse thoroughly and squeeze your brush dry. The paint needs to have  creamy consistency, but heavier than the glaze underneath. 
  3. When color looks 'muddy' or 'chalky' it's a color temperature problem.
  4. Keep thinking about painting shapes of color, as opposed to what the subject is.
  5. "Our tendency is to always see too much and paint too much... better to simplify"

My painting from our afternoon session is shown below, but while I won't be able to finish it this week, (it will be roses tomorrow) I will do so at home and eventually post the finish. To see my completed works...
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Karen Werner said...

Thank you for sharing about the workshop, Mary. I have followed his work for a long time. I think you are doing wonderful paintings!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

Gosh - it is like seeing Richard paint a still life in the 80's. Same arrangement almost. HOW LUCKY YOU ARE!
I love your still life - wonderful strokes and color - and the sunflower "hat' on the fruit made me happy. May I steal that idea sometime?
Looking forward to the roses.
Thanks for being so generous to share this with us all.

Roxanne Steed said...

Just now coming across this...great post, thank you!!