Sunday, October 26, 2014

Water's Edge

Water's Edge                        8" x 10"            oil on linen panel
This is from a photo from Kodiak, Alaska and the light was at that late day stage, but the sky was overcast. It created a pale yellow and orange light that wasn't very strong but that light and the water at the edge of the rocks is what I was concentrating on. I think perhaps the trees are too important here, though I did play down all the busy edges. I started with a violet block-in of the main shadow shapes and built into the middle and lighter values and colors as it progressed.

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  1. This is a beautiful scene Mary. gorgeous colors and wonderful details...

  2. Lovely painting Mary, all of it. all the best Mary.

  3. Nice peaceful scene Mary. The colors used reinforce that feeling.

  4. Really like this one Mary! Like the colours you chose and how loose and painterly it is!


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