Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Light Stream

Light Stream     oil on linen      10" x 8"
That flash of light on water....who can resist it? Not me. This was the kind of painting that presented a lot of 'happy accidents". A bit of extra color here, a messy color streak there and I wanted to keep them all. I tried to keep coming back to the main focus of that light and tried to keep only what was needed! Always a. challenge

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martinealison said...

Bonjour chère Mary,

Il n'est pas évident de garder le cap sur la lumière sans éviter parfois de la noyer.
Créer la lumière dans un paysage de pluie ce n'est pas simple du tout et vous y parvenez merveilleusement bien. Vous êtes talentueuse.
bravo pour toutes ces belles couleurs qui font vibrer cette peinture.

Gros bisous ☼

hmuxo said...

This is so beautiful, Mary! A very peaceful place to visit. Love this painting....

Diana Moses Botkin said...

All those streaks and splashes look wonderful, Mary. I always enjoy the color and energy in your work.