Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Day On The Water

A Day On The Water            oil on linen panel            8" x 10"
Perhaps I should have called this A Day At The Easel as I got more time painting today.  I started with washes of transparent color and built onto those with opaque darks. I continued with more intense middle values and worked up to pastels and lights for the finish.

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  1. Beautiful piece, Mary! It amazes me how you paint water..Love your fishing scenes.!!

  2. I have always loved your fishermen paintings and why - I do not know because I like everything you paint I do not fish myself so its not that connection.
    .I do know I have always had a keen inner response to the sky reflecting in water so that could be it...or maybe is the pleasure of seeing painting so well executed. You are, without a doubt, a FABULOUS painter!
    After your month on BTR as a co-host when you basically had to do most of the preparation( as Leslie herself said )
    I now have total admiration for your knowledge and work ethic too.

  3. Bonsoir chère Mary,

    Tes scènes de pêche avec cette généreuse nature qui entoure l'action du pêcheur sont très affriolantes.
    J'aime beaucoup ta palette de couleurs.
    Le travail de l'eau n'est pas une simple affaire... et tu réussis bien.

    Gros bisous ♡

  4. Coming from another point of view.......amazingly beautiful neutrals. Who knew. Such beauty in a painting........

  5. This painting invites the viewer to sit and rest awhile.

  6. always. You really capture the feeling of the day

  7. I really like the figure in this painting and how he stands out in front of the pastel colored background. It is really nice. I like his movement too!


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