Sunday, September 21, 2014


Cottonwoods          gouache on archival board       9.5" x 15"

Cottonwoods (detail)
Today, I am posting another tree/gouache painting. This was one I discovered in my studio re-arranging, but it was just a sketch. So, I went back to painting and had fun completing it to a more finished work. I love Cottonwoods for their massive trunks and branches and they are common here in Boise and all along the river here in Eagle. 
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Helen Moreda said...

Love it. I find the beautiful colors and movement in tree trunks and branches very interesting. You did a great job!

hmuxo said...

Wonderful work, Mary!

Victor Errington said...

Nice painting Mary. I love this sort of subject. Also Leafy green is a nice painting. All the best Mary.

Eva said...

Preciosa pintura!!

AK said...

The texture of the tree trunk is fabulous. Great job.

Karen Werner said...

Really nice. Love the limb shapes especially.