Thursday, August 28, 2014


Josephine              oil on panel                  10" x 8"
I've been wanting to paint my nephew's little girl for some time. But, I just didn't feel I had the right photo source to work from. However, a recent family gathering provided a good way for me to take some  casual snaps and I had fun with this one today. I am planning to adjust the background darks as they are looking too strong right now, but tomorrow will provide 'fresh eyes'.
This one's not for sale, but check out my Website for other available paintings.

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  1. Un retrato adorable!! muy bien ejecutado y colores preciosos!!

  2. That's so pretty! I love your style, Mary, and what a sweet thing you've done for this little girl and for your neighbor! You're an inspiration to all of us in the way you've used your skills and passion for art to give to others.

  3. A beautiful model, Mary...and I love her innocent expression!


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