Sunday, June 8, 2014

Still Watchful

Still Watchful                  9" x 12"                oil on linen panel
In my last post before starting the crazy busy process of moving, I posted "Watchful" showing this pair with their new family. Now one month later, here they are again as they appeared in our backyard a couple days ago with their gawky 'teenagers'. I thought it would be fun to begin again where I left off, with everything both familiar and different. This group is going in all directions, just like we are on most days. The move and unpacking are progressing but I look in one box, get distracted by something else and........... head off in a different direction! 
I count it as great progress that I'm painting again... Yay!

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  1. I never get enough of this family, Mary. A wonderful painting and love those greens.

  2. a wonderful "family" them in all different directions...yes, just like "us" --beautifully painted

  3. Nice take on this family, Mary! Yow...that's a lot of teenagers to handle all at once. Lol
    Best o' luck on the unpacking. Great to see you painting again!

  4. Striking. Love the movement. Looks like a typical family to me!

  5. Nice job of capturing movement, nothing static.

  6. How do you manage to make those beautiful green colors, Mary?
    This is such a lovely painting and it makes me want to paint wild life...but know I can't. I do not know it well enough.


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