Saturday, April 5, 2014

Early Spring On The Owyhee River

Early Spring On The Owyhee   8" x 8"      oil 
I'm back, and it was good to visit with family and get a new perspective on things elsewhere. It's also good to get caught up enough to paint! Oh my.... I have missed sliding paint around and using color! My husband was fishing with a friend on the Owyhee river in Oregon and brought back some inspiring images that had me thinking of  in terms of cool blues and early spring color in the grasses. 

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  1. welcome back! Those greens in the water....are soooo wonderful

  2. Love the atmosphere you caught. Cool yet you used such beautiful colors.Very nice.

  3. The size of the figure in this expansive colorful landscape drives home the beauty of the peaceful solitude he's fishing in, Mary. Love it!

  4. The colors in this one really are GORGEOUS.
    I think the way you put any color and shape together is always a magic moment for me..


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