Sunday, April 13, 2014

Big Red

Big Red            10" x 8"       oil on linen panel
The beautiful red rocks on the Owyhee river are the focus in this one instead of a fisherman. I worked at getting the form to be massive in it's presence and turn the shapes with the correct values. In addition, I used the patch of light on the little spring green hillside to bring the eye down into the river and then back up again to the big silhouette against the sky. 

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  1. Oh Mary! This is really beautiful.. these red rocks are an artists' dream. This makes me want to visit Sedona....wonderful work!!

  2. Massive for sure. Stunning colors and yes, my eye travels as you want it to. Very successful.

  3. wow---that is one big red rock. Absolutely GREAT. So bold!

  4. Oh WOW - I love the impact of this gorgeous painting. Your placement of the light area is perfect!


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