Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sun Break- painting demonstration slideshow

slideshow for Sun Break    oil on linen    20"x16"

Here's another re-post while I'm gone. Hope you enjoy this demo again....

This is the slideshow for "Sun Break" which should run automatically for you. But, if not you can click on it and run in a separate window. I started with an overall warm wash of burnt sienna and cad. orange light. Then I indicated a loose brush drawing in burnt umber. The layers at the beginning are for the dark blue and green layers working gradually toward lighter ones, in a fairly traditional way.
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  1. What a great demonstration.Thanks Mary. We learn so much from each other. The way you lead us to your center of interest is such a wonderful path.

  2. Love this process Mary. So much movement from the start.
    I had shown several friends the painting when it was posted to ooh and ahh over...and now I can show the steps.
    Thanks for taking the time.

  3. Oh my gosh...that is so much fun to watch come together! Actually, there are a few stages that looked so cool you could have stopped there...but I do love the final result. What a painting!

  4. What a nice treat seeing this slideshow, Mary! Beautiful work!

  5. Thanks for the slideshow, Mary! Thoroughly enjoyable! :)


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