Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hollyhock Dreaming

Hollyhock Dreaming    oil on linen   12" x 8"

I wanted the idea and feeling of flouncy Hollyhocks in this painting rather than overly defined shapes and I really enjoyed it. I kept thinking 'Oh, I should get back into that and finish'.....then each time I began, the answer came back...'it's finished!' I know it will be quite awhile till we see these lovlies again in the garden, but meanwhile I can dream........ 

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  1. These flowers are so loose and beautifully painted, Mary. Wonderful work!

  2. Nice color combo Mary, the few flowers up front says it all for the rest of the arrangement.
    Some pleasant color to get us out of winter.

  3. I need to over-describe these beauties--you've said it all so perfectly


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