Friday, March 21, 2014

Boat Bouy Collection

       Boat Bouy Collection         oil on linen            8" x 8"       
I wanted to paint using some color today but flowers were not in my head. These boat bouys and their varied shapes and colors got me thinking for sure. I like a red-orange and turquoise color scheme and enjoyed this change. It's surprising how many shapes they have, so seeing a big grouping like this is like walking up to a big abstract painting. 
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  1. Awesome painting, Mary. Love the values, colors and subject!!

  2. It definitely reminds me of summer fun and bright days under the sun. Great subject Mary!

  3. Mary, I love this painting. I love Maine and this reminds me of Monhegan Island. Really nicely done.

  4. I agree. This is a wonderful and fresh change. Love the forms, the color. And yes, the palette. Great job.

  5. You always challenge yourself with different subject matter. This is a wonderful painting and it inspires me to see it.


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