Thursday, February 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday, Gouache and Happy Valentine's Day

         Gathering Flowers    16 x 11"   gouache

        Flower Basket         16" x 11"        gouache

I've noticed some artists have been having a 'Throwback Thursday' post and several are working in gouache these days and enjoying it. I guess I'm combing both of those ideas with today's post. These are two gouache paintings that I had fun with a few years ago, from my imagination. They were done for the pure pleasure of working with bright color and the immediacy that gouache paint provides. It's like working with the poster paint you used to use in school and had so much fun with. Hope you enjoy them and that you have a flowery and sweet Valentine''s Day tomorrow.

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Helen H Trachy said...

These are so cute Mary! I can see you as the little girl in the top painting. So sweet!!! Happy Valentine to you also! :)

Judy Baker said...

I love these happy paintings--the bright colors and the joy within!!! A great Valentine greeting!


This looks like so much fun. I am very drawn to paintings that look childlike and free. But was childhood really like that? Not for me, so I know this is my inner child dreaming. Thanks for sharing such joy.

Helen Moreda said...

They look like pure pleasure. I am having a lovely day and hope you are also.

hmuxo said...

Very unique, Mary...this is very different for you..I love it.!