Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sun Break

Sun Break        oil on canvas     20" x 16"
I wanted to paint larger today and this landscape filled the bill. It is similar to
 A Break in the Clouds which is a work that I’ve had inquiries about. But, people seem to want to see it as a larger painting. I enjoyed the longer format as well and it all seemed to fall together. Pictures were taken along the way and since it’s been awhile since posting a slideshow, I will work on that and have it for you tomorrow or for the weekend (crossed fingers).

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  1. It emotionally moves me and that is what painting is all about. Really lovely Mary. I am looking forward to the slideshow.

  2. A brilliant Painting Mary, especially
    The Sky. All the best.

  3. This is a beautiful painting, Mary. I love the powerful sky and the light it beams on the beautiful landscape!!

  4. I really like the energized look in this piece, Mary!!


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