Saturday, February 8, 2014

Dark Clouds With Pink

Dark Clouds With Pink                    9" x 12"              oil on linen  
I may have left too many edges on this one, can't quite decide. I certainly did enjoy slashing on the paint strokes. The navy and cad red was a satisfying color combination that was a bit different for me. The surrounding dark clouds sort of framed out the setting sun in this one. 
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Celeste Bergin said...

truly dynamic---fearless! I love it

Julie Ford Oliver said...

I can see the difference and it certainly is dynamic like Celeste said.
Actually - anything you paint is tops in my book!

Victor Errington said...

What do you mean Mary? too many edges?
I think it is a perfect painting in every way, Beautiful painting. All the best Mary.

Jo Castillo said...

677Very vibrant and beautiful. I really like the previous two as well. I enjoy receiving your newsletter, too. Thanks for sharing.

gideon sockpuppet said...

Lots of movement, and the colours work well together - very nice.

Helen Moreda said...

Mary, you said slashing on the paint and that comes through so clearly. This painting has a different energy than other cloud paintings. It borders on abstract. I for one love it. It is so powerful. Great.

hmuxo said...

Powerful....wonderful colors, Mary!