Thursday, January 30, 2014

Watermelon Picnic

Watermelon Picnic         Acrylic on panel         20" x 22"
Ok, here I go again with trying to be diligent in re-organizing my studio space. And that means I am offering another painting and a big discount. This was painted from a setup I put together on our back deck one sunny day. It was fun and direct and I really got into the juicy paint here. However, if I want to keep painting, I have to make more room!  Click Here for a better view and price on the Daily Painters site.

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  1. Bonjour chère amie,
    Juste un petit salut en passant. Je suis toujours à l'île Maurice et ce jusqu'au 27 février.
    Une très jolie composition... Très estivale... J'aime l'énergie des couleurs... Une belle oeuvre. Il fait très chaud en ce moment ici et les tranches de pastèque sont les bienvenues!
    Gros bisous et à bientôt

  2. What a happy painting! Love your juicy colors.

  3. BEAUTIFUL painting, Mary!!!! I love the blue vase!! SO vibrant..

  4. the red and green are sooooo beautiful!

  5. WONDERFUL!! i love the placement of the beautiful!!


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