Friday, January 17, 2014

Ranier Park View, Little Tahoma

Ranier Park View      10" x 8"          oil on linen
From the visitor's center in Ranier National Park, you can turn one direction to see Mt. Ranier and in the windows opposite, there is another peak which also takes center stage. The view is like a postcard and framed perfectly. So, today I will leave you with this postcard view of Little Tahoma.

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  1. After seeing this I would love to visit Mt.Ranier Park... Beautiful
    scene and love the colors..nice work, Mary...

  2. If this one isn't a textbook lesson on warm and cool. I will study it for sure. Lovely and free. Just like the outdoors, Mary.

  3. Beautiful painting Mary, I like the composition, the repeating shapes of the trees and the peak. Nice sense of distance you created too.


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