Friday, January 3, 2014

A Painting Review

Well it has been a most frustrating time in getting my head back into the painting mode. This happens sometimes after being away from my easeI, and I told my husband it is like painting with a blindfold over my eyes! I know many of you, who are artists will understand. Tomorrow, I will finally post a new painting (yay) but for now, here is a slideshow of a few 2013 favorites, some of which are still available.

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  1. These paintings are wonderful Mary, what a nice idea! I have been out of the painting mode since Christmas, too many visitors. I will be back on deck tomorrow hopefully!

  2. What a treat seeing all your work in a slideshow, mary! I look forward to your next painting....

  3. Marvelous slideshow, Mary! You sure painted some winners this past year.


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