Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Promise of Packages... a Newsletter and New Paint

The Promise of Packages                   oil                12" x 12"
It occurs to me that the painting I should have used for my last post on free shipping was this one, which is a favorite of mine. But, I'll use it today just as a reminder. I myself am waiting for a package filled with paint today - always very exciting! It's a new brand for me and if I like it I will post on the results.

On another note, here is my December newsletter, to go out on Monday.

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  1. Excellent painting, Mary! Beautiful colors and so perfect for the season!!!

  2. Love your unique viewpoint on the gift with wrapping. The colors are gorgeous.
    Don't forget to let us know about the paint!

  3. Oh so lovely, Mary. You are so productive with lots of wonderful results!

  4. I love this gift painting...nice composition!

  5. The warmth is amazing. Love this one.


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