Friday, December 20, 2013

Santa Wishing You Happy Holidays

Santa and Holly         tempera               NFS
My next few posts will be wishing you Happy Holidays with some of the holiday characters I sometimes find time to create. Hope you are finding some calm now and then during this busy season.

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  1. Best wishes Mary! Hope your cute Santa will spoil you! :)

  2. this is wonderful! it has such lovely old world charm! Happy Holidays to you and yours Mary and a joyous, successful and loving New Year! Your work is a constant source of inspiration and your words of kindness and support are appreciated more than you'll ever know!

  3. This is fabulous. Wish you happy holidays a wonderful Christmas.

  4. I love this whimsical illustration,. Happy Holidays Mary!

  5. This is really well done and far more complex than the regular type Santa. I am in awe!
    Wishing you peace and joy for the holidays.


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