Thursday, December 12, 2013

New Paint!

Reflected Gold            8" x 8"         oil on linen panel

I wanted to let you know how my recent paint order has worked out, as I've had the chance to use them on my last 2 paintings. I finally decided to find out what the Classic Oil Colors (Dana Oil pants) were really like and read about them on Ken Auster's site as well as some others.  I loved the idea of a paint that is softer right out of the tube, without using  medium. And, that is exactly what I got. I ordered Auster's   palette suggested for his workshop, so I can't say whether every color has exactly the same consistency. The smallest tube is 4 oz. Two larger sizes are available as well.

The paints have good color saturation and covering power in the opaques, which works for me because in adding medium, I sometimes lose both of those qualities. The handling is smooth and not sticky as with some other paints. My paintings take longer to dry and that takes a little getting used to. I would say it is at least 2 days longer to the 'touch dry' stage. Right now, I am very happy with them and enjoying the new feel in my brushwork. Pin It


  1. So nice again. I love how the small bits of orange pop through complimenting the background.

  2. I've seen those paints before. David Darrow uses them and uses the 10 oz. Super Tubes, which look like tubes of caulking you buy at the hardware store. You even use a caulking gun to squeeze them out, which was funny to watch David do the first time. But, it works for him. I may try it someday. I'll just start off with the Zorn palette to see how it goes.

  3. Gorgeous painting, Mary! Beautiful colors in the water...

  4. Another lovely painting, Mary.
    I took a class with Ovanis Berbarian about ten years ago and got those paints. I remember the green gold was lovely, but took forever to dry. I have no idea why I stopped using them but as I continued using oils I found I like certain colors from different manufacturers and one company doesn't fit anymore.


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