Monday, November 25, 2013

Pink Bungalow

Pink Bungalow      oil on linen panel        10" x 8"
Between the rain storms, I spied this charming pink bungalow hidden behind green bushes with it's own  palm umbrella. It looked for all the world, like a perfect hide-away, where all you need  is a good book for awhile. The wonderful color created a welcoming feel too. Where would your perfect hide away be?
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  1. Love the pink house and the crooked palm tree. I would like to be in that little house!

  2. Love of energy - I really love the color of the house. I live in a border area where some houses are painted in brighter colors. I should paint them. We have palm trees too.

  3. That tree makes for an unusual and captivating composition. Love the pink, and your usual fabulous brushwork.

  4. You can almost feel the warm breeze from these Palm trees, Mary! This is a wonderful piece.

  5. So nice Mary. I love the gentleness.....can feel the warm breeze. It also reminds me of my red barns and local trees, oaks and eucalyptus.


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