Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Late Night Pizza -Santa Barbara dining out

Late Night Pizza                      oil on linen panel              8" x 8"
I'm taking you back to a summer night in August for this one. We were in Santa Barbara having a patio dinner where part of the show was this chef who came out to fire up the pizzas in an open air brick oven. He kindly posed and waved when he saw me taking pictures. But, I certainly preferred this one, of him cooking up something delicious!

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  1. This is wonderful Mary! I love your style with your paintings. It's so expressive and artistic. You created a stunning composition with your use of colors here. Congratulations on an awesome painting! Does the chef know you painted this?

  2. Brilliant painting Mary, and ditto to what Katherine says above. all the best.

  3. LOVE this painting, Mary. Wonderful brush work...

  4. This pizza oven and the cook look fabulous . Hope the pizza was up to expectations!


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