Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Market Flowers

Market Flowers                      8" x 8"                oil on linen panel
This is another view from the Farmer's market strolling the one of the main streets of Solvang, Ca. There was marvelous color under every canopy, but these stood ready and waiting in a bright spot of sun. I used a pink and sienna color washed onto the panel first. Then drew out the basics and painted in the darkest areas first. 
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  1. Gorgeous colors - they really glow. I love the way you paint, Mary.

  2. Wow! There is a feeling viewing your work evokes that is addictive! So incredible. Just so beautiful!

  3. An explosion of color kinda like fireworks. A handwriting all your own.

  4. So lovely. The warms and cools, the light. Just a lovely painting.


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