Monday, September 2, 2013

'Round The Bend' - and a few answers

'Round The Bend                 oil                     8" x 10"
My last post "Pink Flurry" got several nice comments (thanks!) and those came with questions as well. I love that because I tend not to write a lot in my posts, thinking I've just said it all  thanks to Dean  and Julie for direction on this post. The paraphrased question .... "what is your best tip(s) for painting like this?" 

1. Have an idea of what you'd like the finished work to look like.
2. Use an area of focus for the highest contrast, most pure color and hardest edges.
3. Don't give in to the 'happy accidents' unless they add to your focus.
4. Use an underpainting, to plan and keep the surface a little wet for soft edges, or use medium with your paint to help with smooth brushwork.

Having said all that, I cannot lie and tell you I am able to follow through on each of these, every time out! But, when I'm floundering, it helps to review these. 
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  1. Mary, thank you for the comments. I never know what to say......
    My eye goes right to that beautiful green bank, pure color for sure. Such a wonderful painting!

  2. Thanks for you wonderful list. I need to put it on my easel. Beautiful painting!

  3. Bonjour,

    Comme prévu, après mes longues semaines éloignées des blogs, me revoici parmi vous !
    Je suis heureuse d'ouvrir aujourd'hui la page de votre dernière publication.

    Un coin de paradis se dégage de cette dernière peinture. J'AIME !
    De très bonnes réflexions à mettre en pratique...
    Gros bisous

  4. Thanks for the tips Mary! This one is really magical with its light and grandeur.

  5. Thank you, Mary, for the good information. I love that painting also, the looseness and the very definite focal point.

  6. Thanks for sharing that info. Love the texture contrast you have in this one: The roughness across the top and the smooth water. Really nice.

  7. Thank You for the List! Fantastic work today!

  8. Mary, thank you for responding to my question! Loved your very useful thoughts on this. I can see your tips at work in this painting!! Excellent focus, brushwork, and color!


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