Sunday, September 8, 2013

Minor Adjustments - Preparing to Dance

Minor Adjustments          10" x 8"             oil
I am working on a commission, but took time out today to 'play' with an unrelated image.
This is a dancer in Basque costume getting ready to perform at a festival in Boise. I loved the hot and cool reds where the shadows played across her headscarf. Fun and always one of my favorite subjects.

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  1. You excel at this Mary! Everything's beautiful about her. thead scarf, her vest, her blouse. Congrat on this one

  2. This is really just so beautiful Mary! I get such a warm feeling of impending joy when I study it! Wonderful!!

  3. You played well Mary!! This is truly beautiful!

  4. I love headscarves. This is so lovely, with just the right amount of detail in the scarf.

  5. Your paintings in this series of the young lady in costume, are stunning.
    Really beautiful colors too.

  6. This painting is a huge success, Mary!!
    The lost, soft, and hard edges, so much in evidence here, is goal for which I continue to strive!!!

  7. This is beautifully expressive Mary.


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