Sunday, August 18, 2013


Sunflowers              oil on board        8" x 11"  

This is from a wonderful field of  sunflowers just over the WA/ID border in Deer Park. I used a different surface for this one when I grabbed a gesso'd MDF board and began these sunflowers in color patches. This is a board with a routered border, so it has an edge, like a frame that is cut into it and stained deep umber. That makes it easy to set on the easel it comes with, hang 'as is' or frame separately. With a whole field of color, you hardly know where to look first, so I focused on a few with the bright, light yellow they are known for. Pictures of the painting and board edge are below.

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  1. Nice painting Mary, I like the way your eye travels thru the composition.

  2. LOVE this field of sunflowers, Mary!
    and I LOVE the way the framing is done!!

  3. You bring us through the painting so nicely. Love the movement of light. Great job.

  4. What a lovely little painting, Mary! It has a lot of presence.

  5. Lovely colors Mary and the touches of light are specially nice .


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