Sunday, July 28, 2013

Swallowtails- slideshow painting demonstration

Swallowtails                 oil                   8" x 10"
So, here is the slideshow that shows my painting progression for yesterday's post "Swallowtails". As usual, I wish I had taken more slides, but I always get caught up in the painting process! For this one I didn't start with a toned canvas because I knew there would be a lot of light values and I wanted to keep them pure, unless intentionally mixing grays. Yellows an get 'dirty' very fast! You'll see that every section starts with laying in the shadow pattern before moving on to color and then light mixes. The blue drawing that you see at the beginning is just a cheapy thin  marker. It gave me a loose drawing to follow without getting too detailed. When I layed in color, I tried to think about the direction of the paint stroke and placement of subtle light and dark values. I could have gone a little crazy with more of the bright orange, but kept it in the focus area. Hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Nice demo Mary, I like the tip about keeping the color pure.

  2. Interesting demo Mary! I like to see you work and the result is quite stunning as well as original.

  3. This is wonderful..I feel like I was right there looking over your shoulder!
    Excellent painting, Mary!!!

  4. I am an art addict and this gave me my fix for the morning. Loved every bit of it. Thanks so much Mary. I understand only too well how hard it is to remember to stop and click.

  5. I love this elusiveness. It really captures the essence!

  6. Another winner... hey how did you get the image to change like that?


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