Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Storm

Summer Storm                            oil                               6" x 8"
After a hot day, this is the kind of sky that promises rain and a cool breezy evening, but then.......? sometimes it just disappears and leaves us with a memory and turning on the air conditioning. This was fun because I knew I wanted  an intense water reflection of blue in the backlit landscape and it worked out just as in my imagination. The original sky reference was from a hot late afternoon sky on our last trip - the rain did appear, but only in the tantalizing distance.
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  1. OUTSTANDING sky, Mary!!! Wonderful work.....

  2. I always like when you paint skies because they are never dull. There's always clouds moving about and the whole nature seem more alert all of a sudden. That reddish brown makes a good contrast. Very nice, Mary!

  3. You ALWAYS knock me out with your skies.

  4. This is lovely and makes me smile. Looking at a beautiful sky always leaves me refreshed.


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