Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"How To" for a Simple Collage Post

I'm am back from travels and other responsibilities but hope to post new work soon. Meanwhile, I had a few  questions about how I put together my collage posts, such as the last one or those I did with my cloud and fly fishing paintings. It is really very straightforward and easy.

 I first decide on a theme and go to ipiccy.com which is a free online photo editor. Then, just upload the photos you want to use and follow each tab for the type and number of collage images. Now, you can easily drag and drop pictures into your chosen format. In the next tab, you can adjust and use text, which is where I added a number onto each image block in one of several offered formats and colors. Next, save it to your computer. Now, in Blogger or WordPress just upload the collage image, type the corresponding numbers underneath, and link each number to your webpage or larger blog post. Voila! You have several works linked together in a single post.

 I think you'll find it fun to work with, and hope this explanation helps out. Thanks to all of you who continued to follow my work and comment while I've been away. Pin It

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Celeste Bergin said...

thanks for sharing that information....yes--I was wondering how you did that! The collage photos are really great!