Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cottonwood Sketch- plein air in Montana

Cottonwood Sketch                8" x 10"                       oil        
I was painting plein air today and these are some of the many groups of Cottonwood trees near the Big Horn river in Montana.    
It is around 90, so I was feeling pretty toasty out there and nearly melting into my shoes! More how weather, scouting with a camera and maybe painting tomorrow.

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Victor Errington said...

Gorgeouse painting here Mary. I love your way of painting trees, fantastic. All the best.

Julie Ford Oliver said...

What beautiful trees Mary. Brave you in that heat. I paint plein air through glass when it is that hot! Give me a seat by the window and I am happy.
One of the states I want to visit is Montana. I hear it is magnificent. Love the cottonwoods. We have them here but not quite as vibrant a green because of less water. My fav time is the fall when they really hit the yellow and gold colors

hmuxo said...

Love the colors in the beautiful trees, Mary!!.. Wonderful work!