Saturday, June 29, 2013

Black Canyon- Fort Smith, Montana

Black Canyon                               oil                               8"x 8"
Today I took some good advice and painted this indoors instead of painting out and opting for heat stroke! We had just come back from a great morning of boating and fishing in the Black Canyon at Fort Smith, Montana. The myriad of colors and shapes had me snapping photos every few minutes and this painting was inspired from one of those. 

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  1. Such rich colors. I can certainly feel the water.......what could be better?

  2. The water is amazing. So full of movement and the color is fabulous!

  3. This is SO beautiful, Mary! The way you painted the water has me looking and wishing I was there right now!
    Wonderful colors and reflections!!!

  4. You have certainly captured the Water Mary. A very nice painting as usual.
    All the best.

  5. I have to echo all of the above, Mary! Those beautiful blues win the day!

  6. I like the depth you created in this painting Mary,
    nice composition and beautiful color.


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