Wednesday, May 1, 2013

There's Still No Place Like Home

There's Still No Place Like Home           oil            8"x 10"
This painting has a bit of a story with it, but the short version is that I painted one similar before and had enough fun with it, that I painted it a second time. I changed the expressions on these chicks and thought they looked comfortable and happy as nesting neighbors! 
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  1. De belles cocottes qui me semblent heureuses !... Telles des commères d'immeuble aux fenêtres, elles peuvent cancaner!...
    Une profusion de nuances de couleurs... Je comprends que vous ayez eu envie de vous faire plaisir une deuxième fois...
    Une bien jolie peinture... peut-être une troisième avec quelques poussins en plus ?!...
    Gros bisous

  2. That's a serious artist, to paint and then paint again with a slightly different mood and feel. I like both versions. It would be really interesting to see a whole series of this same piece and make slight variations. An artist could learn a great deal about how to make adjustments in future paintings form that experience... we should all try something like that!

  3. Wonderful painting, Mary...nice colors...I never get tired of seeing these chickens....

  4. Love it ! lots of feeling, color and wonderful brush work.


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