Friday, May 10, 2013

Redhead - slideshow painting demonstration

Redhead          oil             9" x 6"

I was reminded to put together a painting demo in the 30 marketing challenge by Leslie Saeta. It's been too long and thought 'oh, good idea!' Then, I proceeded to set up a painting on a surface I had never used before, which was particularly absorbent and really grabbed at every brush stroke. Hmmmm, seems like I kind of undermined myself on this one! I decided to post it though because my steps are basically the same as my usual process. 

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  1. Great slide show. Always enjoy seeing the process.

  2. love this and just kept watching and watching her come to life. Many of the stages looked finished already.
    peace n abundance,

  3. Great demo Mary, it was interesting seeing the changes and adjustments as you went along.
    It was like we were listening to you think.
    Nice painting.

  4. What a treat to see the slide show Mary!!! I love to see a painting come to life in front of you. A lovely painting and hope you do this slide show again...

  5. Your work is so professional. It was a true delight to see your slide show ending up with such a wonderful painting


  6. I really enjoyed watching your slide show. I loved seeing each step and watching her come to life. Loved it !

  7. I love the demo Mary and the result also pleases me. Not overdone, very looking. A success :)


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