Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Planting Time - flowers ready for the garden

Planting Time              oil                  10"x 8"
Another floral today with some of those colorful larger blossoms in their boxes and ready to go. In your area, it may be that your annuals have been at your front door for a long time, but here the weather's been hit and miss. Now though, the sunny warm days have arrived and color is starting to show up everywhere.

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  1. You are such an incredible artist, Mary. I really admire how you portray your subjects with just the right amount of detail and contrast. These flowers are full of charm and character!

  2. Your work is outstanding, Mary! I love this floral and can't get enough of them. Because of Hurricane Sandy we lost so many bushes and trees which now they're telling us not to plant this year because of too much salt in the ground!! So I'll be planting many the colors in this painting!!!

  3. Your work is fabulous. Your choice of colors gives such a bright and positive feel.

  4. Oh how wonderful to see Spring now! Your lovely painting lets the viewer see it all year long!

  5. Lovely! They could not look better!


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