Thursday, May 16, 2013

Oil Painting Demo- transparent & opaque paint-"Orchard Pears"

Pears Demonstration     oil       
Several months ago I put together an ArtByte for Daily Paintworks and decided I would change the format into a slideshow and publish here too. It may be interesting for those of you who are not members there, or might want to see a few more stages of the painting. It basically covers the idea of using a transparent multicolored wash as an underpainting. After a brush sketch of the basic shapes, I painted over using varied opaque mixes. It's one of my favorite ways to work, because you can keep or discard "happy accidents" and it suggests interesting color mixes along the way. This painting is sold, but there are several using this same technique at my daily paintings and on my website .

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  1. Gives me goose bumps. So wonderful to watch you work your magic.

  2. Wow, Mary! Thanks for posting this. I watched it over and over. Not at all the way I work and thus, completely fascinating and inspiring! Beautiful end result!

  3. LOVE..LOVE this post, Mary! I watched this countless times... I hope you do this again because it's such a treat to see your work come to life.

  4. Very neat post! Beautiful painting and so much fun to watch it develop before my eyes!

  5. This is wonderful to see the progression


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