Monday, May 27, 2013

A House In The Country - imagination and a grain of truth

A House In The Country         8" x 10"         oil
This is painted from a blurred photo, taken while looking out the car window on a trip return. Sometimes you can catch just a fleeting idea of something, and that was the case here. The white house in the distance had just enough color in the rooftop to create nice contrast and the foreground was some type of lavender flower. If I were ever to have 'a house in the country', this is what my imaginings say it should look like....
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  1. I think it pays to use our imagination...I don't do it enough! I love this, it has a serene feeling about it. The colors are lovely!!

  2. A lovely painting Mary. It`s great to see something different than you usually paint. You are right about the roof of the House, it does do wonders to all the greens. Also that brilliant spot of lovely yellowy green on the viewers right of the House, is spot on, wonderful. All the best Mary.

  3. VERY nice painting, Mary! I love the light hitting the many times I see something that I would love to paint while driving but no place to stop and no imagination to paint it!! LOL


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