Sunday, April 7, 2013

High Water, more fly fishing ...Big Horn River

High Water              oil                 8" x 10"
Another painting from one of my favorite areas in Montana, the Big Horn River. Where painting is concerned, I seem to go back and forth from using only washes of color underneath to applications of thicker paint right away. Part of it has to do with the surface I am working on and lately it has been a new (for me) portrait linen that is acrylic primed. The paint really glides on and blends easily, so I'm enjoying that particularly in passages like the water in the foreground here. I've always enjoyed a change in materials now and then, how about you?

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  2. love the "windswept" look of this scene. I just know his persistence will pay off and he'll get a fish! Beautifully painted.

  3. Nice painting Mary, love seeing all your brush strokes , the light and freshness of the day as well as his excitement. You are right about changing material ,it is good to do once in a while . It adds new excitement to the process. I am posting today on just that as I used a stick , ink and watercolor over the weekend and really loved it.

  4. I love your fly fishing paintings, Mary. You can see the current in the water...nice work!!

  5. Great feeling of light and as usual, beautiful brushwork. My favorite part is the bushes...color and interest, but not too much.


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