Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cobalt Waters

Cobalt Water      8" x 10"          oil
I'm sure I had just as much fun painting this, as these guys did fishing. The intensity of the water right next to the red orange tones of the boat was my initial focus. So here, it was all about color, and drawing attention to the figures by using the intensity of color compliments
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  1. Nice painting Mary, I clicked on it to get a better look at your brushstrokes in the water. Nice work on the fishermen too.

  2. Le résultat est franchement réussi! Mon regard a été conduit là où vous vouliez nous emmener...
    J'aime la profondeur que vous avez merveilleusement capturée dans cette scène ainsi que son atmosphère.
    Occupés à pêcher, vous l'êtes tout autant en gourmandant avec vos pinceaux et vos couleurs !...
    Gros bisous

  3. love the expanse of water...and the colorful people and boat!

  4. This is beautiful, Mary. I love those wonderful colors in the water..
    and perfect texture...

  5. Boats and boat reflections are one of my favorite subjects. I love the way you handled this and the colors are wonderful!

  6. Those blue sky reflections are so arresting, Mary. Inspiring!

  7. Mary, this fishing series is super. I love looking.


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