Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Angel Wings - painting from sculpture

Angel Wings      8" x 6"       oil
I've been wanting to work in black and white lately or at least limited color. For this, I went out on Saturday and took pictures of an angel statue that is in a lovely local cemetery. I thought it was going to be a sunny spring day, but it turned gray and there were mostly blue and dark green trees behind the figure. It worked for the drama and shapes and I tried to create a kind of reverence for the place and of the imagery. I'm sure there will be other paintings from the day out.

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martinealison said...

Je suis désolée d'avoir manqué plusieurs de vos publications...
Une grande sérénité se dégage de cette oeuvre avec cette ange sculpté.
Je ressens cette même ambiance lorsque je visite nos personnes disparues.
Vos dernières roses sont aussi d'une grande délicatesse. Le contraste des fleurs avec le feuillage est extraordinaire. On peut sentir l'air doux qui les enveloppe.
Gros bisous

Celeste Bergin said...

the only thing I love more than painting is cemeteries! This imagery seems especially poignant today, after the tragedy in Boston. Beautifully painted!

Katherine Thomas said...

Beautiful, meaningful painting, Mary! I like how you created the smooth cool texture of the stone statue, and the story that your composition conveys is very touching. I'm so impressed with your style and how you can carry that same style into different types of subjects so effectively.

hmuxo said...

Painting the background dark really makes the statue stand out. I love this painting and hope to see more statues...Wonderful work!!!

Ruthe said...

Hi Maxam!

Quite dramatic painting, the blackish and white, high in contrasts, yet the painting has a quiet and peaceful ambiance. I like it!:-) Well done!