Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Day On The Owyhee

Day On The Owyhee              8" x 10"               oil
This is a bright spring day on the Owyhee River in southeastern Oregon. I love the red rocks and sage of the landscape and emphasized that here. I also used a bit thicker paint and the brushwork is pretty direct, just as it was laid down. The day was just a couple weeks ago where early spring was evident during this trip with my husband and a fishing friend.

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  1. Mark this one "Sold"! Your depiction of those wall colors is phenomenal! Now what do we do? Owyhee

  2. Definitely a favorite one (for now!)
    I love the brush work ...the mountain is breathtaking..I've always wanted to go to Oregon, now I want to go even more..LOVE this one!

  3. Your brushwork is always so inspiring and this painting is another wonderful example of how confident and skilled you are. I especially like those reflections in the moving water.

  4. Brilliant painting...I'm sure the new owner will love this!

  5. All these fishing paintings are amazing! They invite you into those places of R & R.


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