Thursday, March 28, 2013

Polly Bemis Ranch - tree sketches

 These are sketches done from the Polly Bemis Ranch on the Salmon River, done today. I have a tenuous internet connection and can only hope it will hold, long enough to post. This is a historic ranch in beautiful country and I will try to paint from some of the sketches and photos I've taken in the next week or so. Meanwhile, it has been fun to change things up with just drawing, and concentrating on shape, line and simplified values.I used a middle gray charcoal paper, and drew with black and white colored pencils. I may also try painting in black and white or in monochrome for a bit as it's been a good challenge. Pin It


  1. You have instilled such character into these trees that I can feel the magic of the place.

  2. I love these sketches. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wonderful studies, Mary. I love your technique with these lovely drawings.


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