Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mountain Views - back painting again

Mountain Views                         6" x 8"                              oil  
We are back from visiting family and friends and it felt good to pull out some paint and get my fingers dirty so to speak. This view is from the last day travelling back from the Polly Bemis ranch on the Salmon River, toward Riggins. There is still snow in the distance, but we lucked out with the weather and saw a lot of spring green trying to break through the grays of winter. I look forward to catching up with artist friends online to see what you've all been up to...... how time flies!

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  1. Nice composition Mary, I like how the bottom of the valley takes you thru the painting. Nice view.

  2. A very lovely painting...! Love the beautiful natural greens

  3. You really captured the feel of that area, Mary!

  4. What a gorgeous view, Mary. Such a peaceful scene beautifully painted!!

  5. This post sent me on a search for info about the Polly Bemis Ranch. Fascinating! You captured the enormity of this spot and the ruggedness of the 'River of No Return'. Lovely!


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