Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Under The Arbor

Under The Arbor         oil          8"x 8"
Several years ago we had a yellow lab, who got into everything and was usually very high energy. This is from one of her rare times of relaxation! It was a hot summer day and we were visiting my father-in-law who had a grape arbor at the back doorway of his house. The leafy shade over the cool cement walkway made it a perfect place for her to relax and still keep an eye on all the important goings on. Good memories...

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martinealison said...

Comme il semble heureux et serein !
Une peinture remplie de lumière. On peut entendre le "tsi-tsi" des cigales.
Les couleurs sont vivantes et si harmonieuses. Une peinture d'émotion.
Gros bisous.

hmuxo said...

Wonderful portrait of your dog, Mary! The shadow work in this piece is amazing! Love it.

Victor Errington said...

Lovely painting Mary as usual. All the best.