Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Shadow Study

In The Shadows                         8" x 10"                       oil
I enjoyed working with blue reflected shadows in this. Whenever I work with this type of scene, the challenge for me is always grouping the many shapes of trees and foliage into one or two main shapes. And while that can be difficult in many subjects, it's particularly difficult in trees for some reason!  I'm happy with the grouping of these and the bits of red in the small flowers.

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  1. The shadows are really lovely. I feel I could walk right into them and rest in the cool shade. I love the way you handled painting this. You are such a fine painter.

    I am on a mission to pass on that in the comment "number" box, ANY two numbers will work if you cannot see what they are. Honest. It is the letters you have to get right.. It does save getting frustrated (seeing I am not a robot!

  2. This is inspiring, Mary. Your shapes and that blue on the tree trunks are captivating.

  3. And a very successful shadow study, Mary! This is wonderful!

  4. I love the way you have grouped these darks and the way the bits of colored light dance around the canvas.

  5. Love the way you handled the trees. Shows your expertise! Lovely.

  6. Hi Mary.
    I love this one. Especially the grouping of the trees and the blues. All the best Mary.

  7. This is such a lovely landscape. Love the mix of greens and the soft nature of the scene. Love your pasture pals too.


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