Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pasture Pals

Pasture Pals           oil                10" x 8"
When thinking about a title for this, I nearly decided on "Should we smile?" because they seemed to be posing for this picture as cows so often seem to. I like to think their conversation might be packed with witty observations about the rest of the world as it goes by. This is a spring day with long grass coming up and mixed with small wildflowers to decorate their view.
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  1. Love the almost pastel quality of the grasses Mary. I too believe they have witty observations and you captured the humor perfectly!

  2. super beautiful cows and pasture...I love them!

  3. wonderful painting. I do love cows and I think you ought to name this piece that, because it really does look like they are wondering.
    ps I hope this captica works. It usually makes me do it more than once

  4. Beautiful painting, Mary...I love the colorful background as well.!


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