Saturday, February 23, 2013

Light Path - sunlit view through the woods

Light Path              12" x 16"            oil
I've worked with this photo before and it was one I took in Yellowstone Park. I really enjoy the light path behind what you might consider to be the main subject of the trees. It gave depth to the image and a way to lead the eye around the composition. I've been working with another large canvas as well and hope to post that in the coming week. 

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  1. Such a nice play of color throughout this piece.

  2. C'est aussi une raison pour laquelle j'aime me promener dans la forêt... Les jeux de lumières à travers les troncs sont toujours extraordinaires. Une sorte de scène théâtrale... Les couleurs des troncs et des verts se transforment et se métamorphosent au fur et à mesure qu'on avance dans la forêt...
    Votre peinture est une des phases de ce changement. J'aime les couleurs qui s'enchevêtrent et s'harmonisent avec la lumière... Une belle symbiose.
    gros bisous

  3. Translated:

    "This is also a reason for which I like to take a walk in the forest ... The light games through the trunks always are extraordinary. A sort of theatrical scene ... The colors of the trunks and greens transform themselves and metamorphose themselves while one advances in the forest ... Your paint is one of the phases of this change. I like the colors that tangle themselves and harmonize themselves with the light ... A beautiful symbiosis. Big kisses."

  4. Once again I love the depth you place in your work, Mary. The bands of greens- both warm and cool created by shafts of sunlight, make me want to walk further into the woods. Also love the color of the tree trunks.

  5. Translated:
    "De nouveau j'aime la profondeur que vous placez dans votre travail, Marie. Les bandes de vert- les deux chauffent et refroidissent créé par les arbres de lumière du soleil, faire vouloir me marcher plus dans les bois. Aussi aimer la couleur des troncs d'arbre."

  6. I don`t know how you do it Mary, another gorgeous painting. All the best.

  7. Et il travaille dans deux langues!
    And it works in two languages!

  8. Wonderful light and color, Mary!!
    Excellent piece.

  9. You have created such a captivating image with this one, Mary. That wash of colorful light really brings me into the painting.


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