Thursday, January 10, 2013

Through Palm Fronds - Belize ocean view

Through Palm Fronds                    7" x 6"                        oil
Tired of the tropics yet? I hope not, because this is one more view that I caught while beach walking. The slice of red drew my eye right through the palms, toward the water and horizon. Or at least what you can see of the horizon. The water and sky are so much the same value and color there, that the horizon nearly disappears. I have found that I really enjoy painting the negative shapes of the fronds, after blocking in the big idea, and they don't get too "fussy". 
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Diana Moses Botkin said...

Oh this is wonderful and makes me smile with that sunny scene. I especially like the way you "dashed off" those palm leaf streaks.

Katherine Thomas said...

I like how you explained the composition! The red brings my eye through the piece so nicely. I love how it is subtly sprinkled in just the right places. Very artistically painted, my friend!

hmuxo said...

A wonderful scene beautifully painted, Mary!!!

Sandy Sandy said...

I love the playfulness of this piece!