Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fishing Upriver

Fishing Upriver                       oil                   8" x 8"
Another fishing trip today and this was from a trip last fall. I worked on a more textured linen here and you will notice the thicker paint and texture of the surface generally. Today I thought I'd take a page from some other art blogs and post a detail view and a black and white for values. Hope you find them interesting comparisons.

Fishing Upriver - detail
Fishing Upriver - value version

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  1. yes, I like the detail and the black and white views..interesting! The values are GREAT...another beautiful painting!

  2. I agree with Celeste...the values are wonderful...Beautiful painting!!

  3. Thank you for the comparison, Mary: very informative! I should do some value checks on paintings, too.

    Your fishing images are so fun.

  4. Wow! Before I saw the value study I was already thinking what depth this painting seemed to have and how it looked very masterfully painted. Then I saw your value study. It's so well done! You're a wonderful artist.

  5. Love seeing the value study. Already knew it was good, but great to see just how spot on your values were.
    Another lovely painting, Mary. Always a pleasure


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