Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Balancing Act - fly fishing and other plein air pursuits

Balancing Act                   oil                     8"x 8"
So, fly fishing is not just tying on the right fly, just as plein air painting isn't just getting the color and shapes right! It's the wind, the rain, the heat and/or cold.....and it's frequently having a precarious foot hold, like this guy, on slippery rocks in rushing water. Oh, the fun of the our various pursuits.... perhaps it's overcoming it all that really keep us going!


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Karen Werner said...

You've got a lot of energy in the painting, Mary. Energy in the water and in his balancing act. Great!

hmuxo said...

You can almost feel him holding on so he won't fall into the water! Excellent painting with lots of great color and details.